Thursday, November 29, 2007

About me:

Good afternoon!
I just thought I would take moment to introduce myself. My name is Laura Mansfield. I am a writer, amongst other things! I have 2 works in progress:
Amelia to Zebulon; which is a book about a girl named Amelia. Amelia is lost, and if you haven`t guessed, is named after my hero- Amelia Earhart! This is a book about a girl who comes to find herself after her love has gone astray. In finding herself she moves to a new town and finds herself with a whole new identity! She draws a picture of a wonderful town, wherein lies an old church with a beautiful steeple... On the top of which is an Ancient Gargoyle named Zebulon... In her most depressed state, Amelia befriends Zebulon, and the rest... is in my book!
I hope to have this book finished in the beginning of 2009!
It has kept me up many a night! I barely want to finish! Very exciting!
my second book is not yet named... it is a childrens picture/story book about a native indian who finds himself kidnapped - there is a huge twist in this kidnapping, and it leads to the theme that you can never lose your roots to your true self and family.
Will let you know as these books progress. In the meantime you can find some of my other writings here. I love poetry - so that will be a majority of what you will find. Please follow copyright law as this is a work of love and lots of time! Thank you!